SNC Forming New Watershed Advisory Committee in New Year

SNC Forming New Watershed Advisory Committee in New Year


South Nation Conservation (SNC) is establishing a Watershed Advisory Committee in early 2024. The new committee will be comprised of up to 24 members to capture the scope of stakeholders represented in the current four smaller SNC Standing Committees.

The establishment of the new larger Watershed Advisory Committee (the ‘Committee’) will be formed based on guidance received from SNC’s Board of Directors (the Board). The proposed ‘Committee’ membership would reflect the diversity of the existing four Committees, with some members appointed from identified sector/partner organizations, and others selected through a public application process.

The existing SNC Standing Committees, (Forestry, Fish and Wildlife, Communications and Clean Water) were established to study and report on specific matters, recommending changes pertaining to programs and budget items to the Board. The duties and terms of the Standing Committees will close at the end of December 2023.

The new Committee will include representatives from each sector forming one effective and efficient group to address and consider all SNC matters collectively and will meet four times per year, once every quarter.

A sub-committee to review grant applications and recommend grant approvals for the Clean Water Program, Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program, and Eastern Ontario Water Resources Program will be appointed by the Committee.

SNC will begin the recruitment process for new members in December 2023, continuing into January 2024. Qualified and interested members of the public are encouraged to apply as a public representative.

Applications will be received until January 26th, 2024.

“Heading forward, the new Watershed Advisory Committee will encompass all matters to do with SNC in one, efficient group of highly qualified and passionate people who are committed to SNC’s mandate and scope of work.” said Carl Bickerdike, SNC’s Chief Administrative Officer.

To view the application form and apply to the new Committee, visit:

Please send resumes and application forms to Kelsey Smith,

For more information: Erin Thorne, SNC Communications Specialist,

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