Spinning Wheels Tour Visits Cornwall on Route to Newfoundland

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
Spinning Wheels Tour Visits Cornwall on Route to Newfoundland
L to R: Steve Iseman, Jim Redmond, Mike Loghrin, and Darlene Richards-Loghrin (Photo : Krystine Therriault/Seaway News)

On the morning of August 31, 2022, the team from the Spinning Wheels Tour stopped at the Civic Complex to speak to the community about their journey across Canada to raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease.

While the weather was chilly, spirits were high as Steve Iseman, Jim Redmond, Mike Loghrin, and Darlene Richards-Loghrin shared moments from their journey and the motivations behind their cross-country bicycle tour with the crowd.

“We estimate that 80 to 90% of people with Parkinson’s don’t engage in any sort of community,” said Jim Redmond, “So, we thought we would try to spread the word about the benefit of community, the benefit of exercise, and we think that makes a tough diagnosis just a little more hopeful.”

“We started on June 25th in Victoria. We have a ferry booked on September 16th to get us to Newfoundland. That will mean that we will have cycled on every province in the country, and it has been such a marvelous rewarding experience for us. Physically challenging as it has been, being here with Rotary Club earlier and you here today makes it so worth it.”

There to see them off were members of Parkinson Community of Cornwall and Area, Virginia Lake and Tomm Olien, MP Eric Duncan, Mayor Glen Grant, members of Cornwall Tourism, as well as members of the community and the media.

“Last night when I saw ‘over 5,500 kilometers’ – I was sweating just reading the website,” joked MP Duncan as he took the mic to thank the team, “when somebody receives a diagnosis there’s a physical challenge but there’s also a mental one as well that sometimes we underestimate … One thing I try to do is see the glass as half full because what you’ve been doing is inspiring despite the challenges that you face.”

“You’re the bravest men and women I’ve met, to do what you have done is amazing,” said Mayor Glen Grant.

Before they left, Cornwall Tourism gifted the men and woman some Cornwall souvenirs, including coffee mugs and sweaters. Several people biked with the Spinning Wheels group along the St. Lawrence River after as they made their way towards the province of Quebec.

“We’d be nowhere without our support at home, our caregivers,” added Steve Iseman, “Virginia knows all too well that they didn’t sign up for this. One person got the illness, but two people are dealing with it… or more. And for those in the community who are helping those in need there are no words to reflect just how grateful we are.”

To follow their journey or donate to the cause, visit https://spinningwheelstour.ca/.

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