Supporting children’s miracles, one blizzard at a time

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By Shawna O'Neill
Supporting children’s miracles, one blizzard at a time
From left, Owner of Dairy Queen Cornwall Nolan Quinn, Alex Tourangeau representing CHEO, enjoying holding a frozen upside-down blizzard and Evan Burelle, volunteer and DQ staff member. Shawna O'Neill/Seaway News photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Owner of Dairy Queen (DQ) Cornwall, Nolan Quinn, anticipated that 2,500 local customers would show their support during the annual DQ Miracle Treat Day across North America on Thursday, Aug. 8.

Seeing a five-times jump from the usual 500 blizzards sold on an average summer day, Quinn said that the annual event receives a lot of support from community partners, like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cornwall and District who were on site, as well as members of the public.

“CHEO is very important. It serves a lot of people in Cornwall and SDG. Obviously with children being our future, it’s a very easy ask for customers. Not only are we fundraising today but we do it year-round,” said Quinn. “It’s not hard to find motivation when you see one sick child. It’s pretty easy to want to jump on board and do more (donating).”

Quinn explained that DQ was one of the first corporate sponsors with Children’s Miracle Network back in 1983. Cornwall’s closest hospital in the network is CHEO. All funds raised from blizzard purchases in Cornwall on Aug. 8 will be donated to CHEO. Additionally, Quinn noted that his businesses holds roundup campaigns about every two months that raise around $2,000, as well novelty boxes are occasionally sold for $5 with all funds going to CHEO.

“Every time staff use their discount, $1 goes to CHEO as well,” added Quinn. “So about 6,000 comes from the staff directly, so every time they use the discount, they are helping the cause as well.”

Young staff members, like Evan Burelle, also took the time to volunteer with activities on Aug. 8. Bruelle was managing the games tent, where blizzard buyers could also test their luck at guessing how many candies were in a jar and playing a cornhole toss.

“We do have a lot of staff that volunteer as well, whether before or after their shift,” said Quinn proudly.

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