Tensions Brew as LCBO Workers Strike

Tensions Brew as LCBO Workers Strike
Dozens of local LCBO workers were in high spirits on the picket line in front of a store in Cornwall's east end. (Photo : Jason Setnyk photo)

Several dozen workers picketed outside the LCBO at 1315 Second Street East on July 5, 2024, as part of a province-wide strike that began at 12:01 a.m. Holding signs reading “LCBO Workers on Strike,”participants voiced their concerns about the stalled negotiations.

Lorrie Scuffell, the local treasurer for OPSEU Local 4100, explained, “We’ve been at the table, we served our papers in January, and there has been absolutely no movement. We want to be part of the expansion of alcohol. We want to keep the profits to $2.5 billion of revenue from the LCBO that goes towards things like education, health care, and infrastructure that are already struggling and cannot afford that loss.”

The strike, involving over 9,000 workers, aims to counter the provincial government’s push towards privatized alcohol sales. OPSEU/SEFPO President JP Hornick stated, “We’re fighting to protect the LCBO and the public services funded by LCBO revenues.”

In response, the LCBO expressed disappointment over the strike and announced that all retail locations would be closed for 14 days, with online ordering available and free home delivery. They added, “Should OPSEU remain on strike after the 14-day period has elapsed, 32 LCBO retail stores will begin to re-open for in-store shopping and operate three days a week.”

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