The Encore Education Centre is in Post-COVID, Full Operation!

Provided by Encore Education Centre
The Encore Education Centre is in Post-COVID, Full Operation!
Chartwell Retirement Residences presents cheque to the Encore Education Centre. From left is Michel Beaudry and Marvel MacDonald of Chartwell, Linda Mercer, President of Encore and Duncan MacPhee, Encore Board Member. Submitted photo.

“Youth” (to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw) “is wasted on the young.” Perhaps, but education is wasted on no one, especially those advanced enough to appreciate it-and indeed to follow their passions for learning! Imagine, at a mature age, unlocking many of life’s mysteries-and without leaving Cornwall! To study for the sheer pleasure of learning, and to join together with others to discover what you always wanted to! And there are no exams, no homework.

Where does this happen you ask? At the Encore Education Centre located at 146 Chevrier Avenue in the heart of Cornwall. Encore is a non-profit organization that has been delivering educational courses and information sessions to Cornwall adults 50+ for the past 24 years. Most sessions are two hours in length and are offered in the daytime with a session starting mid-morning and another running from early to mid-afternoon. The Centre has street level access with lots of parking.

Who typically shows up at Encore? I suppose the “young-at-heart” senior who is not necessarily ready for the more traditional activities aimed at the older community. People who want to learn simply for the love of learning. We find also that once people start coming to Encore that for some it soon becomes an important social engagement activity.

On March 28 launched our Spring Program. Here are some of the offerings. “Life in Antarctica,” “Beliefs, Practices, Values of Islam,” “Vimy Ridge,” “Scotland 1707 & English Gold,” “Climate Reality,” “Central America, an Overview,” “Retirement Living Options,” “Advance Care Planning,” “Where is Belize?” ”Meditate? Yes I Can,” and “Art Begins-Science Leaves Off.”

A complete listing and how to sign up can be found on our website, or give us a call at (613) 937-1525.

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