Theodore TOO coming to the area!

Provided by Municipality of South Dundas
Theodore TOO coming to the area!


MORRISBURG – The Municipality of South Dundas is excited to announce that Theodore TOO, the life-sized tugboat based on the animated television character Theodore Tugboat is coming to visit on July 3, 2022.

Crowds flocked to the waterfront last summer to watch Theodore as he travelled from Halifax, NS to his new home in Hamilton, ON. After a year in the making, South Dundas is pleased to host the tugboat and crew for an interactive day at the Morrisburg Public Dock.

The fully operational 65-foot tugboat will dock in Morrisburg, and visitors will be able to interact with the crew throughout the day on July 3.

“This is an amazing opportunity for South Dundas to host Theodore TOO and we are thrilled. The support we received from the Tourism Advisory Committee and at the Council table have helped bring this one-of-a-kind attraction to South Dundas,” said Rob Hunter, Economic Development Officer.

“Our thanks go to our staff and the staff of Theodore TOO for organizing this event. These types of events work to put South Dundas on the map and bring visitors to South Dundas who get to experience all of the wonderful things it has to offer. It’s sure to be a great and busy day, we hope to see you there,” said Mayor Steven Byvelds.

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