Three Cornwall officers nominated for Police Services Hero of the Year Awards

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By Nick Seebruch
Three Cornwall officers nominated for Police Services Hero of the Year Awards
CPS Cst. Casey MacGregor.

This story has been updated to include the nomination of A/Sgt. Jamie Day who’s nomination was posted on the Police Association of Ontario website a day after officers MacGregor, Clark, and Bergeron.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Police Association of Ontario (PAO) has released its list of nominees for the 2021 Police Services Hero of the Year Awards, and four Cornwall Police Service (CPS) officers are among the 18 names in this year’s nominations.

Officers Casey MacGregor, Austin Clark, Travis Bergeron, and Jamie Day are all up for the prestigious award that recognizes community involvement and going above and beyond the call of duty.

“As principal of a Secondary School, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Cornwall’s Constable Casey MacGregor these past several years, and the photo included with this submission speaks volumes to Casey’s true character. Casey is a cheerleader and champion for our community youth! As principal, I have witnessed Constable MacGregor go above and beyond his role as a police officer, to become a mentor, positive role model and caregiver to some of our neediest and most vulnerable students,” reads a statement from an unnamed Cornwall high school principal.

CPS Cst. Austin Clark.

“Cornwall Cst. Austin Clark always goes above and beyond to make civilians feel comfortable with law enforcement, which in today’s world has become increasingly difficult. A true hero doesn’t always need to do something extraordinary like save someone’s life. But being a caring, respectful voice regardless of the circumstances is also heroic and is why Cst. Austin Clark deserves this award,” reads a statement about Officer Clark’s nomination.

“Constable Travis Bergeron is an exemplary display of what a police officer should be. He is respectful, professional and amazing at what he does. He adjusts his level when speaking to different audiences. He is a great ambassador for the City of Cornwall and my family feel safe when he’s on duty. Thanks for ALL that you do to protect the citizens of this city,” Officer Bergeron’s nomination statement reads.

“He puts a tremendous amount of effort and time into the Cops and Kids Fishing Day – from helping to put together the event, seeking out equipment through donation/etc., to assisting the participating youth so that the day is enjoyable for all. He works tirelessly to provide a great day for children that may not otherwise get to enjoy these types of opportunities. Not only is he incredibly caring, he’s also just an overall great officer – polite, understanding and compassionate in any situation. Officers such as A/SGT Day are the kind that assure the public that law enforcement officials can be positive influences on the community as well as the type of officers we want to keep our community safe,” reads the nomination statement about A/Sgt. Day.

Nominations for Police Services Hero of the Year Awards remain open until March 15 with winners being announced in June.

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