Upcoming Fire Hydrant Flushing

Provided by the City of Cornwall
Upcoming Fire Hydrant Flushing
A fire hydrant near Vincent Massey Dr. and Power Dam Dr. in Cornwall (Shawna O'Neill/ TC Media).

The City of Cornwall will soon initiate it’s Summer Fire Hydrant Flushing Program.

As part of the regular maintenance activities for the Water Distribution System, all Fire Hydrants throughout the City are flushed at least once a year. These flushing activities are mandated by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks to ensure proper chlorine residuals, excellent water quality, and adequate flow for firefighters.

Did you know that the City of Cornwall is responsible for maintaining over 1,300 fire hydrants in the community?

During fire hydrant flushing, residents who live nearby may observe sediment in their water, or the water may temporarily turn brown or rust-coloured. Some nearby homes may also experience reduced water pressure until the flushing is complete.

If you notice sediment or that your water is discoloured, run the cold-water faucets in your home until the discolouration disappears. Do not drink the discolored water or do laundry until the discolouration disappears completely. Discoloured water isn’t harmful to your health, but it can stain laundry.

If your laundry becomes stained due to discoloured water, please contact the City’s Municipal Works Department at 613-932-5354.

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