Vandalism at Brookdale Avenue Traffic Circle

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
Vandalism at Brookdale Avenue Traffic Circle
The City of Cornwall posted this image to their Facebook page earlier today, explaining that the area was vandalized twice yesterday at 5 pm and 3 am. (Photo : City of Cornwall)

The Brookdale Avenue traffic circle was recently decorated with Christmas lights for the holiday season. A social media update earlier today from the City of Cornwall shared that the lights were not on part of yesterday due to vandalism.

“You might have noticed that the lights at the traffic circle on Brookdale Avenue weren’t on yesterday. That’s because someone took it upon themselves to vandalize the area not once, but twice. The first incident happened at 5 pm and the second, at around 3 am.”

Parks and landscape crews worked hard this morning to fix the damage so that the lights can be back on tonight. The city has asked residents in the area to keep an eye on the traffic circle and report any suspicious happenings to the Cornwall Police Service right away.

Mayor Justin Towndale had a few words to say about the incident, saying in a Facebook post, “Vandalism to City property and equipment not only ruins these public items for everyone but also adds costs to repair and replace them. If you see anything, please speak up.”

There has been a lot of criticism of the traffic circle lights during the last few holiday seasons, but this year many people have commented on how nice they look.

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