“What Motivates a Hero?” Students publish 3rd book.

Paula Labonte
“What Motivates a Hero?” Students publish 3rd book.

The students at Blue Sky, an Acton Academy have published their third book, ”What Motivates a Hero?”

The book is filled with imaginative stories penned by the older learners, this year the focus revolves on the captive question, what motivates a hero? The student authors ages 5-16 are currently enamored with graphic novels so they have opted for a comment style format to convey the driving forces behind their motivations, “We invite you to delve into these narratives explore the diverse motivations that feel each heroes journey. We help that these stories not only entertain, but also inspire you to reflect on your own sources of motivation.” said Sarah McCullough- Ferguson, Acton Academy leader.  She adds “The initiative fosters cohesive and learning community through engaging teambuilding exercises, establishing a foundation for academic personal and social support throughout the year as a culminating activity.”

‘What Motivates a Hero?’ can be purchased on amazon.ca along with their other two publications, ‘Entomology Anthropology’ and ‘Dragon’s Quest’.

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