Wow India anniversary event to support CCH

Provided by Wow India
Wow India anniversary event to support CCH
Chef Boopathi. Submitted photo.

It’s a weeklong celebration at Wow India this week and the restaurant’s owners want to give back to the community who has so warmly welcomed them to Cornwall.

From April 12-17th, when customers purchase an order of butter chicken, Wow India will donate 50% of the revenue to Cornwall Community Hospital. “We want to thank the entire hospital team for their hard work and for the care that they provide our community members every day.” stated Chef Boopathi. “We want to thank our community from the bottom of our hearts for the support that they have shown our restaurant in its first year. We are very grateful to have been welcomed so well by residents of Cornwall and surrounding communities.”

Thursday, April 14th marks an important

day – it’s the Tamil New Year, “It is

custom in our culture to celebrate a festival for Puthandu, therefore on this day, we will provide a complimentary mango pistachio lassi with each order.” Stated Chef Ravi.

The Chefs are very proud of the health benefits Indian cuisine provides. They use authentic traditional preparation methods and ingredients for their dishes. Everything is made fresh in-house, including the naan bread which is baked in a traditional tandoor oven. Together, Chef Boopathi and Chef Ravi have over 35 years of experience in the hospitality and culinary sector. They have traveled to 80 plus countries, always trying the food, learning new techniques and in turn creating unique flavour fusion dishes for their customers’ delight. “Cooking is an art” stated Chef Boopathi. “An artist has to bring the innovation and creativity to their own creation, I proudly say that I am an artist as I love bringing flavours, colour, texture and taste to each plate.”

There is much to celebrate at Wow India this week, customers are invited to take part and help support the Cornwall Community Hospital while celebrating both a new year for the Tamil community and a successful first year for the Wow India Owners and Staff.

Puthāadu vāazhthugal! – Happy New Year!

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