10 apartments to be cleared at city building thanks to burst pipe

10 apartments to be cleared at city building thanks to burst pipe
Cornwall City Hall

CORNWALL, Ontario – Ten units at a city-controlled apartment building are being cleared as repairs are completed to a burst pipe.

The pipe at 540 Adolphus burst a week ago, raining water into the units from the third floor down within the 105-unit building.

Peggy Fulton, the manager of the Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation, said one unit has already been vacated and two more are on their way to being cleared.

She said all 10 units will be vacated before the repair work is completed.

“Definitely because we have to…make sure there is no mould growth,” said Fulton.

She said tenants are responsible for their own accommodations while their apartments are repaired.

“They have to go through their insurance company,” Fulton said, adding “varying degrees” of damage have been sustained within individual units.

Asbestos is located within some of the damaged areas, and Fulton said protocols for dealing with that substance are being followed.

“Asbestos has been in the building for years,” she said. “We have asbestos plans in place.

“So there’s no need for the tenants to worry.”

Fulton said units are being sealed off while repair is completed to mitigate any worries concerning asbestos contamination.

It’s not known specifically when repair work will be completed.

“We had the restoration company in there within a few hours of it happening,” said Fulton.

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