Alzheimer Society Memory Lane deteriorates too much, moves online

Published on May 26, 2014

The Champlain LHIN is aiming to improve access to home and community care for seniors and residents in the region after receiving a funding boost from the province.

CORNWALL, Ontario – A memorial in Lamoureux Park to those who have been touched by Alzheimer’s Disease is moving online.

Memory Lane, a memorial created in 1998 by the local office of the Alzheimer’s Society, has fallen into disrepair over the years thanks in large part to erosion, weeds and the annual flock of Canadian geese that spends every summer in the park, is moving online with a so-called virtual memorial.

“We’re moving from an unsightly and unsafe monument…to something that can be visited from anywhere in the world,” said Bonnie Ruest, a director with the local Alzheimer Society board. “There are some things we did not anticipate like pests, weeds and the erosion of the bricks.

“Unfortunately the company that manufacturers the bricks went out of business, so we weren’t able to replace them.”

The Alzheimer Society sold bricks on Memory Lane for $25 each. Those who purchased the bricks could have them inscribed with a person’s name, or a message.

Memory Lane can now be found here and a link can be found on the city’s website, as well as at