RETURN TRIP: McDonell wins re-election, with ease

Published on June 12, 2014
MPP Jim McDonell and his family at his victory party Thursday night.

CORNWALL, Ontario - Tory Jim McDonell is headed back to Queen's Park - easily cruising past his opponents in Thursday's provincial election.

McDonell, the incumbent MPP who stressed fiscal responsibility and criticized the governing Liberals for scandal after scandal, won a return ticket to Toronto in Thursday's election, capturing 19,457 votes.

Liberal candidate John Earle had 9,287 and the NDP's Elaine MacDonald captured 8,374.

McDonell's local Progressive-Conservative win was tainted by the fact that provincially the Liberals won a majority government.

Still the incumbent was beaming over his victory.

"In the rural ridings maybe people were more aware of the corruption. I'm surprised people can forgive a government for what has gone on," he said. "I thought people were upset with what's gone on with this government.

"Personally I think it will be too bad to see a majority government because they will bury this stuff."

The Liberals were plagued by scandal after scandal, including a failed gas plant, and criticism concerning overspending and expensive hydro rates.

"Personally I think it will be too bad to see a majority government because they will bury this stuff," said McDonell.

Progressive-Conservative leader Tim Hudak announced he would resign as party leader following the loss.

McDonell conceded the party will have to lick its wounds.

"That's a question for another day, that's for sure," he said. "We're going to look at it and see where it's going, but we're going to have our celebration tonight."

Other results include 1,047 votes for invisible Green Party candidate Sharron Norman and 608 votes for Libertarian Shawn McRae.