Weather gods smiling on Mopar show

Published on June 29, 2014
Pictured (L-R) are Sidney Nemes, with Aurel and Laua Vanier.

CORNWALL, Ontario - There was not a cloud in the sky on Saturday, perfect weather for the 11th edition of the Mopar Magic Car Show, held in Lamoureux Park… And it’s a good thing too.

“It’s so weather-dependant,” said Jack Notman, Notman Chrysler Dodge Jeep, event sponsor, about the attendance. “Because these people won’t take their cars out unless it’s perfect.” It was ‘perfect’ enough to draw approximately three hundred cars to what has now grown to become Canada’s largest single-day Mopar-only event, said Notman, who explained that Mopar meant that it was exclusively for Chrysler oriented vehicles. “The Special Events Mopar Caravan from Detroit is here with us. They make it an annual visit, which says a lot for the show, to tell you the truth, and for the town.” The event regularly draws a full range of cars in the teens and twenties up until modern muscle cars, of all values; “Some cars worth five or six thousand dollars, and lots of $100,000 cars here.” What is it that draws someone to this hobby? It’s probably from their youth, said Notman. “Uncle Fred had this, dad had that, Aunt Mary drove something. It seems to be what it is you recall from your youth, whether it’s the style, colour or make. A lot of people are mechanically minded so they like to tinker, but it’s definitely a nostalgic thing.” Year after year car enthusiasts from all over eastern Ontario and western Quebec, Vermont and New York State attend to compare notes, meet up with like-minded folks and to talk cars. Last year’s long distance award was from Timmins, he said. Sidney Nemes, from Montreal, who has attended the Mopar Magic Car Show for three years, brought his 2001 Dodge Viper (pictured in the foreground), which has had extensive modifications, he explained proudly. “As if the car wasn’t fast enough; It puts out about 650 horsepower. I try to stay out of the eyes of the police.” Aurel Vanier, and his wife Laura, of Ottawa, brought their 2009 Viper SRT (background), and 2005 Crossfire SRT6 (middle), respectively. For Vanier, who has won the people’s choice award at this show, a couple of years in a row, his passion for cars began at an early age growing up in Cornwall on the old #2 Highway. “We used to sit on the verandah and we’d count all the cars the - Chevys, the Dodges the Fords. I got to be an expert by the age of 8, and it grew from there.” Although his wife, Laura, married into the hobby, later on, she quite enjoys coming to the show. “It’s a beautiful event they do a great job.”