CASTING CALL: If you've wrecked your house, you might be featured on TV

Published on August 28, 2014
I Wrecked My House

CORNWALL, Ontario - An Ottawa production company is looking for the worst handyman it can find - and the spotlight is shining on Cornwall.

Mountain Road Productions will be filming segments this fall for springtime TV show "I Wrecked My House" and producers are hoping some 'unhandy' men and women from the Seaway City and surrounding area will volunteer to have their project - or what's left of it - featured on the show.

"Right now we're in the middle of an Ontario-wide casting call," said production coordinator Stephanie Beaune. "We would love to come to Cornwall. The tight-knit communities are the best for these types of shows."

The premise is simple: if you're home renovation has stalled, or simply turned out to be a disaster, producers would love to hear from you.

More outrageous projects - and handymen – will be chosen for the show.

"I Wrecked My House" is hosted by Steve Patterson, and features a pair of homes in one locale. Producers choose one of the homes to complete the renovations.

Beaune said interested people should send an email to and include as much detail about the project as possible, including pictures.

Producers expect to shoot segments this fall, and the shows are expected to air next spring.