2022 Discover Guide includes fresh, new look

Provided by SDG The Counties
2022 Discover Guide  includes fresh, new look


May, 2022

THE COUNTIES, Ontario – The first of 40,000 2022 SDG Discover Guides are being delivered to select businesses and tourism attractions in our region and beyond.

The new-look guide, featuring updated imagery of breathtaking local scenes and amenities, as well as smiling SDG residents, will flood the regional market with an array of events, attractions and businesses that make the United Counties an attractive place to visit.

Half of the guides will be delivered to hotels, campgrounds, En Routes and other locales along the 401 corridor, between our region and Toronto. The balance of the guides will be provided to local businesses and attractions as we market SDG to visitors and staycationers alike.

The cover of the guide features the massed bands of the Glengarry Highland Games – one of the hallmark summertime events in our region which makes its return this summer following two years of COVID-related closures.

“We are forecasting a busy tourism season in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry,” said SDG Tourism Coordinator Karina Belanger. “Our new-look guide is a one-stop shop for visitors and
staycationers looking to enjoy everything from local fairs, cycling trails and fishing holes to bed and breakfasts and beaches.”

To secure a copy of the Discover Guide, visit any of a number of tourist attractions in our region, or reach out to us directly at whereontariobegan.ca.

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