35 Years of Caring for Her Community

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35 Years of Caring for Her Community
Sandra Fawcett graduated from St. Lawrence College in Cornwall.

Sandra Fawcett first came to Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) while in nursing school at St. Lawrence College. “I grew up on a farm and I liked the atmosphere at WDMH. It felt like home,” she remembers. So she stayed – for 35 years – until she retired at the end of October.

“I started as a new grad on the surgical floor and moved to Emergency shortly after,” explains Sandra. “I’ve always enjoyed critical care. It’s always changing.”

In fact, Sandra says she has seen a lot of changes in 35 years – from building renovations, to working with many different colleagues, to pandemic nursing over the past couple of years. “I’ll miss it all. WDMH has a great team. They keep me young,” she says. “But what I won’t miss is shift work and working on holidays!”

“Sandra is an amazing nurse, colleague and mentor,” notes Clinical Manager Shannon Horsburgh. “She brought peace and calm to the department, and I witnessed first-hand how often the community felt reassured when they knew Nurse Fawcett was on shift. She will be forever missed, but her nursing (and hair) legacy will continue to live on at WDMH!”

Sandra is looking forward to spending time with family and friends, including her new granddaughter. She and her husband David also have a few trips booked.

Congratulations Sandra! You will be missed!

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