54 take part in this year’s Stormont Plowing Match

By Francis Racine, Special to Seaway News
54 take part in this year’s Stormont Plowing Match
The MacNaughton family, although not residing the in the Stormont area anymore, were still on hand to observe the match. This gave a perfect excuse for Addyson MacNaughton to enjoy petting Marc, a fifteen-year old horse owned by Stéphane Bourgon of Casselman. She is being held by her father, Steven. — photo Francis Racine

INGLESIDE, Ontario – There couldn’t have been a better day for a plowing match.

54 plowers from all over Stormont County took part in this year’s Stormont County Plowing
Match, held on October 12, at David Brown’s farm, in Ingleside. — photo Francis Racine

Fifty-four plowers from across Stormont, took part in this year’s Stormont County Plowing Match, held at David Brown’s farm, in Ingleside, on October 12. The tradition of heading out to compete in such a match isn’t a new one, the first dating back to 1932.

“This year we have 54 plowers and 14 forage members who are plowing,” said Kelsey Smith. “Last year we have 51. They each are given a lot and from there they must plow their opening split, their furrows in between and their closing. David Brown paid for each participant.”

Judges then inspected the work performed, with winners announced at a banquet held later during the day.

“There’s a point system,” Smith explained. “There’s different classes. There’s the horse classes and the antique classes as well as forage plowing as well.”

In addition to all the plowing action, visitors were also treated to a vendor show. The latter offered various goods.

“We have different vendors this year,” said Smith. “We don’t always have them, so it’s great that they’re here.”

The Stormont area, rich in cash crop, dairy and beef farmers, fielded several hard-working participants.

But it wasn’t just plowers who took part in the event. The MacNauhton family, although not residing in Stormont anymore, were on hand to witness the match. “I participated in it some years ago,” recalled Steven MacNaughton. “We just decided to come take a look at it today. It’s such a great day and all.”

Results of the match were unavailable as of press time.

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