A Pandemic, thoughtfulness, and mental health

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By Nick Seebruch
A Pandemic, thoughtfulness, and mental health
Prom corsages.

Seaway News agreed to use pseudonyms for this story to protect the identity of those involved. This is a story about how the COVID-19 pandemic has created greater struggles for those with mental health issues.

CORNWALL, Ontario – A local mother, who we will call Jane, wants to bring attention to how not being considerate and inclusive can negatively impact someone’s mental health, especially during the pandemic.

For many, high school is already a difficult time that can be mentally straining. The COVID-19 pandemic has made high school that much more stressful for a whole generation of kids. In addition to the stress of the pandemic, they have also missed out on many milestones including prom.

Jane said that her daughter Jenny, who graduated high school this past year, was devastated to learn that a local family had taken it upon themselves to hold a prom party, a party to which she was not invited.

Jenny was one of about 50 students who were not invited to the party, which did see the majority of her graduating class attend.

“Throughout the pandemic, her peers were her lifeline,” Jane said. “When she found out about the party she felt very hopeless like the world was ending. When they reach a certain age, teens look to their peers for support.”

Jane says that she worries about her daughter’s mental health and explained that Jenny had been hospitalized for mental health reasons several times in recent years.

Jenny had bought a prom dress and was excited about the idea of going to prom.

“She really came out of her shell,” she said. “She felt so beautiful when she tried on that dress.”

Jenny is moving forward though and is planning on attending St. Lawrence College when the semester starts in a few weeks.

Jane hopes that kids, but especially parents, will be more thoughtful especially at a time when so many are struggling with their mental health.

Seaway News contacted the school board who said that no official prom party was sanctioned by them.

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