Generous WDMH Foundation donors fund new x-ray equipment

Provided by Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation
Generous WDMH Foundation donors fund new x-ray equipment
New X-ray Equipment


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words  Or how about $363,648.85!?! Because of our generous donors, the WDMH Foundation was able to purchase new X-ray equipment for Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH).

This remarkable tool allows us to see inside the body, without the need for surgery. Having an X-ray machine is the standard of care for every hospital, including here at WDMH.

The new technology produces clear, concise, top-quality images, helping doctors make a diagnosis and exposing patients to a lower dose of radiation. The advanced design is also more flexible, making it more comfortable for patients and less staining for staff.

“Every year, about 17,000 X-rays are taken at WDMH – with over 10,000 patients having one done in the last three years alone!” notes WDMH Foundation Managing Director Kristen Casselman. “We are incredibly grateful to all of our donors who have helped to bring the latest x-ray technology to WDMH!”

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