A Pumpkin Drops for Racheal’s Kids

Heather Armstrong, Special to TC Media
A Pumpkin Drops for Racheal’s Kids
Crane Owner Robb MacGregor

CORNWALL, Ontario – A hush fell over the gathered crowd, as a 1038 lbs pumpkin fell to the ground. On Saturday Oct. 29 Cornwall’s First Annual Pumpkin Drop, held in the Freshco parking lot was deemed a complete success.

Kim Lauzon, Executive Director for Racheal’s Kids, is the inspiration behind the newest way to raise more funds for Racheal’s Kids. She said about her idea for a pumpkin drop, “I thought it would be a great way to celebrate Hallowe’en and bring something new to the community.”

Tickets numbers purchased for $5 a piece, coordinated with numbered ball, which was then placed into the pumpkin. The pumpkin was dropped onto a red “X”. The ball which was closest to the designated spot was declared the winner of the $1, 000 prize.

The pumpkin, donated by local pumpkin grower Jim Reid, was hollowed out and filled with the numbered ping pong balls. Robb MacGregor, owner of MacGregor

Crane Service Ltd. in Cornwall brought in one of his cranes to hoist the ball filled pumpkin. Once lifted to 85 feet the pumpkin was released. The smashed pumpkin and numbered balls were spread throughout the fenced enclosure.

Dr. Racheal Navaneelan, founder of Racheal’s Kids, had the pleasure of calling Troy St. Germain, whose ball number 947 found the mark.

Navaneelan was happy about the turnout for the event. She said, “Cornwall’s 1st Annual Pumpkin Drop was extremely successful, Way more than we thought. It still amazes me how people respond when it comes to anything to do with children.”

With Scotiabank matching the raised funds up to $5, 000, minus the cash prize, the total raised for Racheal’s Kids is around $12, 000.

Lauzon was as well thrilled with the outcome of the event. She said, “I would like to thank Scotiabank, Dr. Racheal, Rob MacGregor, Jim Reid, Freshco and all the other businesses in the plaza for making this a huge success.”

Navaneelan already has plans for next year’s pumpkin drop. She said, “Next year we will go bigger. Bigger pumpkin, more tickets and maybe a few surprises.”

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