A simple smile and a haircut

Nick Seebruch
A simple smile and a haircut
Sierra Legroulx gets her hair cut by Lisa Orchard of First Choice Haircutters at Complimentary Haircuts day at the Agapè Centre on Wednesday

CORNWALL, Ontario – First Choice Haircutters held their first ever complimentary haircut day at the Agapè Centre on Wednesday, Sept. 12.

Five hairstylists from Canada’s largest haircutting chain gave a trim to anyone who walked through the door.

“We decided we wanted to give back to the community,” said Shannon Crowder, District Leaders with First Choice Haircutters for Cornwall. “We wanted to help people feel good.”

The service ran from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by noon, around 30 people had already had gotten their haircut.

“Getting a new haircut always makes you feel good,” said Athena Kalkanis of First Choice Haircutters. “This is a part of who we are at First Choice Haircutters.”

Joh Couture of the Agapè Centre said she was thrilled to have First Choice Haircutters pick the centre for their complimentary haircuts day.

“It is a real privilege. They reached out to us,” said Couture. “It is certainly a self-esteem boost. It is making people smile.

Kalkanis raised the possibility of this becoming an annual or semi-annual event.

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