Accomplishments / Perspectives

Bryan McGillis
Accomplishments / Perspectives

We all faced a lot of Challenges as a community during the last few years and we have other challenges ahead of us. Therefore, I decided to run for re-election for Mayor of South Stormont. What I can offer is my experience, leadership, and a proven track record that I can bring people together and an ability to get things done.

The residents of South Stormont have put their faith and confidence in me and gave me the honor to serve as the mayor for a total of (12 years) 3 terms. As the head of council, we accomplished a lot as a group, but there is still a lot of unfinished business to move forward. We made strides in keeping the public informed by keeping our website up to date. All our open meetings are now online (Streamlined) and recorded.

I will continue to advocate to the province for the safety concerns on Hwy 138. We just received great news from the Regional Director of East Operations that the Roundabout will be built at the Headline Intersection and 138 Hwy. it is also confirmed that MTO will be tendering out construction for new paving from Monkland to Cornwall Center Road in 2023. Passing Lanes will continue to be on the radar for future discussions.

We will continue to address the extreme low water levels in Lake St. Lawrence with the IJC. We will Continue our discussions with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission to transition parkland to the township. Mayors of SD&G recently initiated a meeting with the Honorable Minister Surma Ministry of Infrastructure last week to discuss funding opportunities and expansions for water and wastewater treatment plants to accommodate the unprecedented residential and industrial growth rate, keeping in mind the housing crisis. We need affordable housing in Ontario.

There are 3 more businesses coming to Long Sault East Industrial Park on Jim Bancroft boulevard. Long Sault Lost Village Brewery on County Road 36. Wills Transfer under construction in Ingleside. Also, Camino Long Sault Logistic Village and other ongoing investments for potential development could bring up to 15,000 to 2,000 good paying jobs to South Stormont.

We will address our infrastructure needs…. water/wastewater, review traffic calming initiatives, better transportation routes, speed control, better pedestrian and vehicular connectivity. South Stormont needs a mayor and council with long term forward thinking that can all work well together with our municipal staff. If elected, I will look forward to the opportunity to work through these initiatives to the next term of Council.

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