APOLOGY: Vote tabulator sorry for lengthy election night delays

APOLOGY: Vote tabulator sorry for lengthy election night delays
Casting a vote. Stock photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The company charged with disseminating voting results through the United Counties has apologized for the election night fiasco.

Scytl Canada North America general manager Brian O’Connor issued a statement Tuesday, apologizing for delays that left many voters wondering well past midnight just who had won elections in their municipality.

“Our quality assurance process detected an inconsistency in the naming of certain election results,” he said in his statement. “Upon the detection of an anomaly, Scytl reran the tabulation and conducted a thorough manual audit.”

The manual count led to a long night for candidates, voters and municipal staff.

It took hours Monday night, including into Tuesday morning, for election results to be provided by township election.

“Scytl sincerely apologizes for the delay in the distribution of the results from yesterday’s municipal election and we thank the municipalities, local candidates, media, and voters for their patience and understanding,” O’Connor continued.

Townships were caught in the middle, as voters were demanding to know who had won, while the service provider was not releasing details.

There were problems all over Ontario. John Paterson, the re-elected mayor of Leamington, reportedly lambasted Scytl for the delays.

In South Stormont Monday night a crammed township hall saw people leaving in drives at around 11 p.m. when results had still not been posted.

The results finally came through about 30 minutes later – minus school board results that have still not been certified.

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