Beary fun picnic in Ingleside

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By Shawna O'Neill
Beary fun picnic in Ingleside
Louka brought his Pikachu to the Teddy Bear Picnic in Ingleside, showing organizer Shelby Stang. Kylie Zummach photo.

INGLESIDE, Ontario – Everyone’s teddy bear has inevitably been involved in some sort of shenanigans, whether it be falling down the stairs or falling out of a tree — at some point or another. Thankfully, volunteers were prepared to assess and treat the bears of South Stormont on Monday, Aug. 19 during the municipality’s Teddy Bear Picnic.

“Monday’s event at the Lancer Center in Ingleside…saw 40 children and their fluffy, furry, stuffed loved ones join us for a Teddy Bear Picnic,” said volunteer Chloë Zummach. “The kids first stopped at the Nursing Station where their teddies received a check up and care for their wounds followed by (participating in) friendship bracelet making, colouring, a friendly teddy competition and a teddy cupcake treat.”

Director of Parks and Recreation, Kevin Amelotte, said that this year’s summer programs saw a huge number of attendees.

“Sometimes its overwhelming a little bit,” said Amelotte, who explained that two full-time summer students and one part-time student had to manage events with up to 120 children in attendance at points throughout the summer, including crafts days and when Little Ray’s Reptiles visited.

Amelotte explained that summer events programs cropped up in multiple locations throughout South Stormont, striving to involve different parts of the community and utilize various parks and public spaces. The 201 summer events will wrap up with a movie night in Ingleside on Thursday, Aug. 22.

“We had some very good students and received very good feedback,” said Amelotte.

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