Behind the Design: Morbern shines at golden anniversary

Behind the Design: Morbern shines at golden anniversary
Jack Greenblatt

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – Jack Greenblatt has been there for it all.

The 86-year-old Montreal resident helped Morbern Inc. cement itself as a pillar of Cornwall’s manufacturing industry since it opened in 1964.

The local branch currently employs 400 people and is one of North America’s leading innovators of decorative vinyl upholstery fabrics.

Greenblatt, who worked as Morbern’s vice-president of sales and marketing as well as many other roles in his 64-year tenure, still clocks in from his home office nearly every day.

“I feel as if I grew up with the company,” he said. “At one point I knew every single person who worked for us. Today, I see a lot of new faces.”

And that’s the type of dedication owner David Bloomfield spoke of when he credited his employees for the company’s success in front of 500 people at the 50th anniversary party on Saturday at Glen Walter Regional Park.

“Business is not just business – it’s about people working together and the friendships that make it successful,” said Bloomfield.

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