Big totals for SD&G OPP Food Drive

Nick Seebruch
Big totals for SD&G OPP Food Drive
SD&G OPP Auxiliary officers with members of the St-Vincent Society Food Bank in Alexandria.

UNITED COUNTIES OF SD&G, Ontario – The SD&G detachment of the OPP held a single-day food drive on Saturday, Nov. 12.

They managed to pull in 5, 900lbs from a variety of locations from across the United Counties and $3, 050 in donations.

In each area, the OPP partnered with a local shelter, food bank or soup kitchen who were the primary beneficiaries of their efforts.

The following is a list of locations and their totals from around SD&G:

Stormont: Ingleside (Foodland) – Agape Centre                                                                                                 

– Food items; approximately 1, 500lbs

– Cash donations; $495  

Dundas: Winchester/Iroquois (Foodland), Morrisburg (Giant Tiger) – Dundas Food Bank                                                                                                                

– Food items; approximately 2, 400lbs

– Cash donations; $1, 135

Glengarry: Alexandria (Chartrand Your Independent) – St-Vincent de Paul Society    

– Food items; approximately 2, 000lbs

– Cash donations; $1, 420

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