CDSBEO moves forward with review

Alycia Douglass
CDSBEO moves forward with review
Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario sign.

CORNWALL, Ontario – At the Regular Board Meeting on Oct. 4, 2016 trustees of the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) voted for a Pupil Accommodation Review of several Cornwall schools. This could potentially lead to closures as soon as June 2018.

With the ongoing fight against proposed closures within the Upper Canada District School Board, many are wondering what can be expected for students attending Catholic schools in Cornwall. While no concrete decisions have yet to take place, CDSBEO’s Superintendent of Business, Bonnie Norton says that students’ educational well being is always a priority.

The review was implemented in order to address issues surrounding a continued decline of enrolment, which shows no signs of slowing up to date.

While what’s best for the board may be different than what’s best for students, Norton says that the board is seeking to strike a balance with the current reviews. “Our priority is always the student in the classroom,” said Norton. “Keeping in mind that we have to be responsible.”

Schools currently under review are Bishop Macdonell, Holy Trinity, Immaculate Conception, Sacred Heart, St. Anne, St. Columban’s, St. Peter, St. Joseph CSS, and St. Matthew CSS.

“Once we bring final recommendations to board there will be a consultation period ministry to establish our capital needs,” said Norton. “The board will then engage a Transition Committee to help work through the process.”

Norton says that the board has received a positive public response to the review, with parents and guardians seeing it as a necessary step toward improvement. Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend meetings in order to gain a better understanding of the Pupil Accommodation Review Process as it applies to their children.
Norton says that there has been a heavy emphasis on including the public in the dialogue. "We have been providing regular updates to parents and guardians about upcoming meetings," said Norton. "We want them to be aware that they have every opportunity to have their voices heard."

The next public meeting is set to take place Weds. Feb. 15 at St. Joseph CSS. Doors will open at 6:00 p.m

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