Charges laid in fire

Alycia Douglass

CORNWALL, Ontario – An individual has been charged and arrested on drug-related charges after attempting to produce butane hash oil, also known as ‘shatter,’ which caused a fire to break out in a First Street residence on Thursday, Apr. 6. 

Following an investigation by the Ontario Fire Marshall, the cause of the fire at a First Street address on April 6, 2017 has been directly linked to illegal drug activity. It is alleged on April 6, 2017 the use of volatile substances to extract cannabis resin from marijuana were ignited causing an explosion. 

Less than a month ago, a Carleton Street blaze began as a result of the extraction of cannabis resin, claiming the life of 67-year-old Michel Lalonde.

While residents managed to escape unscathed in the city’s latest drug-related fire, both the Cornwall Community Police Service and the Cornwall Fire Department recently released a statement on the dangers of producing the substance.

“Not only is the practice illegal, it is very dangerous and unpredictable,” said stated S/Sgt Frazer in the statement. “You are basically in your house with a time bomb.”

The process involves passing butane gas over dried cannabis trimmings in a glass or metal tube, which poses a huge risk to those producing the substance.

As the result of an ongoing investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division into the incident Brandon Aubin, 24 of Cornwall was arrested on April 11, 2017 and charged with the following:

Arson – damage to property

Arson – Reckless


Production of “Cannabis resin”

Possession of a prohibited weapon ( Brass knuckles)

Possession of marijuana

Aubin was then held pending a bail hearing.

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