City satisfied with mall parking structure report

Nick Seebruch
City satisfied with mall parking structure report
The Cornwall Square and parking structure.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The City of Cornwall has received a report on the structural integrity of the parking structure at the Cornwall Square.

The City had posted an Order to Remedy at the Square after an inspection on Dec. 11.

The order stated that “Parking structure serving the mall is in an unsafe condition.”

City By-Law officer Chris Rogers stated that the concerns stemmed from the mall’s use of shorint, metal pipes being used as support in some parts of the parking structure.

He said that he had expected to receive a report from the mall’s structural engineer by Dec. 12.

“It is reassuring that a structural engineer is involved,” Rogers told the Seaway News.

By early Tuesday afternoon, Rogers said that he had received the report from the mall’s engineer.

“Mall management has been exceedingly responsive in this,” Rogers said.

He explained that the report from the engineer had assuaged the City’s concerns and that they had lifted the order.

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