Cleaner closes after 39 years

Shawna O'Neill, TC Media
Cleaner closes after 39 years
Dutch Girl Cleaners will close its doors on Friday

CORNWALL, Ontario – Dutch Girl Cleaners will be closing after 39 years of service on Friday, July 27. 

“I would just like to thank the clientele,” said Pat Martin, owner of Dutch Girl Cleaners. “They’ve been awesome. I’ve met some wonderful people. Like my sign says, ‘drop your pants’ and I’m very happy that they have.” 

Martin, who has dedicated her life’s work to making people look their best, said her long-time clientele will be disappointed to see her leave. Prior to her 30 years on Campbell St., the business was located on Vincent Massey Dr.

“I love what I do,” said Martin. “I love coming to work everyday. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have done it.”

During her years of service, Martin sometimes experienced fast-paced, demanding circumstances. At a moment’s notice, a client might need something prepared for a wedding or funeral.

“Most people who use this service want the end result,” said Martin. “They want to look crisp. So, that’s my job – to make people look good. It’s a good feeling.”

Martin provided dry cleaning and laundry services to community members and organizations. She has noticed a shift in clothing materials throughout her career, recognizing that most modern-day clothes are more durable.

“The materials over the past 40 years have changed considerably,” said Martin. “Today they’re making more synthetic materials as opposed to having more natural cotton, wool, silk. Now it’s all a blend of polyester and silk, polyester and rayon. It’s man made, it lasts longer.”

Although Martin is retiring one year sooner than she had hoped, she is seeking out new opportunities for her retirement.

“I’ve got a large garden and flowerbed that needs tending to. Things of that nature. I will probably find something else too; maybe volunteer work,” said Martin.

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