Clement draws Conservative support

Alycia Douglass
Clement draws Conservative support
MP Tony Clement addressed a crowd at the Chesterville Legion Thursday

CHESTERVILLE, Ontario – MP Tony Clement addressed Chesterville residents with a positive outlook on the future of the Conservative party.

Joined by interim leader of the Conservative Party, Rona Ambrose and MP Guy Lauzon, the Parry Sound-Muskoka MP told the crowd that while there are many years of experience within the caucus, over a third is brand new.

“They add a different perspective, and they’re full of vigour, which is great,” said Clement. “We’re very proud of our caucus, but it wouldn’t happen to be good if we were disunited after the election.”

Historically, the Liberals have faced challenges within the party, which Clement says they’ve only recently recovered from. Clement says that events such as the civil war between Martin and Chrétien have echoed with successive leaders, hobbling them for three election cycles.

“That was the threat to us,” said Clement. “One of the most important factors for that not being the case is the leadership that Rona Ambrose gave us in our caucus which projected out to the party. It showed that the caucus was working hard, and would do anything for the team and for our values.”

Clement says that despite widespread belief, Canadians are still attracted to what Conservatives are saying, as well as their candidates.

“Is there more hard work ahead? Absolutely,” said Clement. “But I can tell you that we’re up for the challenge across this country.”

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