ConcoursLOL receives expansion funding

Nick Laurin
ConcoursLOL receives expansion funding

Le Concours LOL – Mort de rire is a unique program that started in 2014, by the ACFO SDG to promote identity building in Francophone youths.

This year’s contest was made possible thanks to a collaboration with RHA Entertainment and the first-time sponsor, Desjardins Group, who will contribute $100,000 to a new expansion project called ‘’au coeur de la sécurité linguistique des jeunes, l’humour renforce la francophonie.”

‘’The ultimate goal of the Mort de rire LOL Contest is to allow young people to realize that there is a possibility of making a career in humour, but also to be able to do it in their community without having to go to Montreal or other large centers, or to do it in another language than French’’, said Martin Racine, Vice Président of academic programs and Director of Operations for RHA Entertainment.

According to Céline Baillargon-Tardif, founder of the Contest and Executive Director of the ACFO-SDG, more than 2,500 high school students chose French language humour as a way to develop their talents.

Starting next winter, the ACFO-SDG is hoping to attract the interest of young people in Quebec and New Brunswick by conducting workshops.

If you’re interest in signing up for this contest, visit

For more information, visit Concours LOL, or contact them by calling (613) 933-8104, or email at

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