Connect with nature through the Raisin Region GeoAdventure

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By Nick Seebruch
Connect with nature through the Raisin Region GeoAdventure

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Raisin Region Conservation Area (RRCA) is hosting a geocaching treasure hunt, the Raisin Region GeoAdventure. This is a public search for 20 caches scattered around significant sites throughout the watershed jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario. 

Geocaching is a world-wide outdoor activity that lets participants use their smartphones to locate hidden containers, that have been placed there by other geocashers.  

“The Raisin Region GeoAdventure is an engaging way for both new and seasoned geocachers to explore the RRCA’s jurisdiction and learn about natural features and environmental projects in the region” said Vincent Pilon, RRCA’s Public Information Coordinator. “Some of the cache sites include an edible forest, habitat restoration projects, and watershed management infrastructure, to name a few.”  

All 20 caches hidden contain a QR code that unlocks digital content about the local area. Twelve of the caches are numbered, and when the third letter of each GeoAdventure code is put together, you can enter an 11-character password to unlock a secret webpage that leads to the final geocache. 

“The first 100 families to unlock the final cache will earn a limited-edition, Raisin Region GeoAdventure geocoin,” Pilon said. “Each geocoin is engraved with a unique tracking number, and can be either kept as a trophy, or placed inside a cache, to then be set in motion by other geocachers who move the coin from cache to cache, with its progress on display at”  

Pilon stated that all Cornwall geocaches can be accessed without the use of a personal vehicle, and that there have been several caches introduced to Akwesasne. 

Funding for the Raisin Region GeoAdventure was provided by the City of Cornwall. 

Those interested in participating should visit 

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