Conservative candidate knocked for “unkept” look

Image of Nick Seebruch
By Nick Seebruch
Conservative candidate knocked for “unkept” look

CORNWALL, Ontario – Eric Duncan, Conservative candidate for the Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry riding got some anonymous criticism about his appearance recently.

On his Facebook page, Duncan shared a picture of a letter he received, alongside a photo of himself, in which the letter writer decries Duncan’s un-kept (sic) look.

“As a longtime Conservative,” the letter reads. “I am very disappointed in this “no shave” lazy look. You are presenting yourself as one of the more un-kept (sic) segment of our society, that look will not make me feel confident in your ability to foster the support you need.”

Duncan took the criticism in stride it seems.

“We had another important campaign moment recently when I got my first anonymous reply card hate mail…someone doesn’t like my beard,” he wrote on the post. “If that’s your biggest issue with me and our campaign, then this “unkept segment of society” thinks we are doing OK. (Note: we received 100s of positive replies, donations, lawn signs requests, but we had a good laugh at this!) #MondayChuckles”

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