COPS, COGECO ON PATROL: Service vans, mobile units will be out Halloween night

COPS, COGECO ON PATROL: Service vans, mobile units will be out Halloween night
Despite the 'danger' of chainsaw attacks

CORNWALL, Ontario – If you and your children run into some trouble Halloween night, the nearest Cogeco van could aid you in finding help.

Cogeco Cable and its employees will be patrolling trick or treat areas in the city Friday night in their branded vehicles from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Parents and Children are encouraged to approach one of these Cogeco vans if at any point they think they are in need of assistance.

“Cogeco Cable Canada sees this endeavour as a partnership with each of the communities we serve,” said Peter Van Hezewyk, a Cogeco senior director. “We all have the same common goal; to keep our children out of harm’s way while they have fun dressing  up in their costumes to go door to door to ‘Trick or Treat’. It is our wish that having our Cogeco  Vans patrolling the neighbourhoods will also help alleviate parents’ concern for their children’s safety.”

Cornwall police are also advising the public to stay safe Halloween night.

Volunteers from the Mobile Community Watch will be working in partnership with the Cornwall Community Police Service in providing Halloween Safety Patrols.

Volunteers will be patrolling neighborhoods in vehicles identified with Mobile Community Watch signs between 5 and 9 p.m. in order to provide assistance if necessary to children or anyone who may need to contact the police.

Halloween Safety Tips

– Wear make-up instead of a mask, so you can see properly!

– Go trick or treating with family or friends.

– Let people know your route!

– An adult should check the treats you collect before you eat them!

– Walk, don’t run; and look all ways before crossing the street, trick or treat on one side of the street and then the other side!

– Only go to homes that have their lights on!

– Don’t go anywhere with a stranger!

– If someone invites you alone into a house say no thanks!

– A flashlight will help light your way!

– You will walk more easily in a short costume!

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