Cornwall drinking water gets perfect score

Cornwall drinking water gets perfect score
The City of Cornwall water tower.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has given the City of Cornwall’s drinking water system a perfect score for the ninth year in a row.

In January the Ministry assessed the City’s Water Purification Plant treatment processes, drinking water treatment and distribution operator training and certification, water quality monitoring, instrumentation and device calibration, data logging and reporting and evaluating conformance with ministry drinking water related policies and guidelines.

The City’s water system is comprised of Cornwall Water Purification Plant on Second Street West, a reservoir on Boundary Road, and an elevated water tower off of Tollgate Road and pumps over 12 million cubic metres of fresh clean water annually through more than 277 kilometres of watermains.

“We continuously monitor our drinking water to ensure that residents and businesses have access to a safe source of water,” said Owen O’Keefe, Water Purification Plant Supervisor. “Residents can take pride in knowing the quality of their drinking water is second to none.”

The primary source of Cornwall’s drinking water is the area of Lake St. Lawrence north of the R.H. Saunders Power Generating Station on Second Street West.

“Our water system is a critical piece of infrastructure and we take great pride in having achieved a perfect inspection rating for nine consecutive years,” said Shawn O’Brien, Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Supervisor.

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