Cornwall Electric franchise negotiations could cost $91, 000

Nick Seebruch
Cornwall Electric franchise negotiations could cost $91, 000
Workers from Cornwall Electric were repairing damage left by Friday nights major storm (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – At a special meeting of Cornwall City Council held on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 23, Council was presented with the preliminary details of a franchise agreement between Cornwall Electric and Hydro Quebec.

CAO Maureen Adams informed Council that the one-time cost of negotiating such an agreement would be around $91, 000. The cost of negotiating the 2007-2008 power contract was nearly $500, 000.

According to the information presented to Council, Hydro Quebec would be contracted to provide electricity to Cornwall Electric from Dec. 31 2019 to Dec. 31 2029.

Adams informed Council that electricity rates in the City would not increase before July 2017 and that this would be the third year in a row without an increase. Adams went on to say that rate increases should be coming in the future.

“They haven’t committed to what those increases would be, but said they should be inline with inflation,” Adams said.

Councillors emphasized the importance of keeping rates competitive.

“Compared to Hydro One, our power rates are low,” said Councillor Andre Rivette. “Let’s keep ’em that way.”

General Manager of Planning, Parks and Recreation Mark Boileau assured Council that the City’s energy costs would remain attractive for businesses.

“They’re very good when compared to Hydro One,” Boileau said. “Manufacturers see the advantage of being in Cornwall compared to other places in Ontario. We’re not as competitive as some places in Quebec, but better than Ontario.”

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