Cornwall girl back home after brain surgery days ago

Cornwall girl back home after brain surgery days ago
Mya Jackson and her mother Tanya Lamarche.

CORNWALL, Ontario – A five-year-old Cornwall girl who underwent brain surgery just days ago is home, safe and sound.

Mya Jackson had a massive brain tumour removed by doctors last week and despite some scares as a result of a 25-minute seizure following the surgery she has rebounded so quickly that her mother is astounded.

“It’s a miracle for real,” said Tanya Lamarche. “The fact that she’s home in seven days showed a lot.

“She will be home for at least a month. This is just the beginning of this horrible disease but she was a trooper and we made it through phase one.”

Mya suffers from a rare disease known as NF2 – an inherited ailment that leads to the formation of tumours in the brain and parts of the nervous system.

She has other tumours near her ear, and on her spine, but the one attacking her brain was of special significance.

Lamarche said if the tumours left within her daughter grow then doctors will have to perform more surgeries.

But for now she’s just counting her blessings. Doctors we concerned that Mya would lose her senses of taste and smell, and there was a real danger she would undergo personality changes as well, because of the size and location of the tumour in her brain.

“The prayers on her Facebook page and the community were answered – she still so far has both,” said Lamarche. “She has a little personality change but I still have my crazy happy little Mya.

“She’s moody from the steroids for sure…but her personality is different-  it’s more mature I’d say. I can’t explain it, I just know as a mother. It may change again. She had a tumour bigger than a ping pong ball and the swelling takes weeks (to recede).”

Social media posts of support from the community rolled in while Mya was recuperating from the surgery.

“This (week) she goes for bandages off and follow up,” said Lamarche. “She still has other tumors so she will still be followed every six months.”

More updates on her condition can be found here.

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