CORNWALL LIVING: A little bit Counties, a whole lot rock ‘n’ roll

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – What better way to celebrate the biggest, brightest issue of Cornwall Living magazine to date than putting hometown bluesman Paul DesLauriers on his first cover.

A large crowd filled Schnitzels European Flavours in the city’s downtown on Wednesday (May 27) for the unveiling of the 2015 edition.

This year’s offering boasts 108 pages on life in Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry.

Framed Photography owner-operator Jason McNamara lensed the cover shot of DesLauriers’s face half-covered by the neck and strings of his guitar.

The award-winning rocker is a major focus is Cornwall Expats, a series highlighting those who found tremendous success in their career travelling abroad but still keep their roots firmly planted in the area.

“This is really exciting, because it’s my first magazine cover and I’m representing where I’m from,” said DesLauriers.

Here are just a few of the subjects covered in the new issue: a local urban food revolution launched by Smart Greens, artist Pierre Giroux’s series of striking images on large plaques to be installed throughout the city to help locals and visitors link to the area’s rich history, and many, many more.

The magazine is a collaboration of advertisers, writers, photographers, and Seaway News staff members.

We really wanted to touch on culture, music, and arts,” said Rick Shaver, Cornwall Living’s publisher. “You can grow up and get educated in Cornwall, travel the world to further your studies and career, and always come home.”

As Cornwall Living took shape throughout the year, the usual suspects were diligently working behind the scenes: Todd Lihou, TC Media – Cornwall Seaway News editor, Bob Peters, senior development officer for Cornwall Economic Development, Colleen Parette, TC Media – Cornwall Seaway News head graphic designer, and Terry Besner, SDG’s economic development and communications officer.

A copy of Cornwall Living can be requested by filling out the request form on the Choose Cornwall website at, or by visiting the Seaway News office at 501 Campbell Street, Unit 6, Cornwall.

For an online version of some of the stories, please check out our Cornwall Living portal.

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