Cornwall Major honoured

Nick Seebruch
Cornwall Major honoured
Major Anthony "Tony" Johnson of the Royal Canadian Air Force prepares to sign the City of Cornwall's Book of Recognition on Monday

CORNWALL, Ontario – Major Anthony "Tony" Johnson of the Royal Canadian Air Force was invited by the City of Cornwall to sign the City’s Book of Recognition at the council meeting on Monday, April 10.

A native of Cornwall and a graduate of St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Major Johnson was recognized by the United States government for his three years of service in Miami while he was on exchange there.

In 2016 U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and Admiral Kurt W. Todd commander of the U.S. Southern Command honoured Johnson with the Defense Meritous Service Medal.

 “The distinctive accomplishments of Major Johnson reflects credit upon himself, the Canadian Armed Forces, and the department of defense,” said Todd.

Major Johnson also served two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

Johnson told Cornwall Council that he felt gratitude at being recognized and that like them, he was a public servant.

“What we have common in this room is that we serve the public and we do it of our own accord as volunteers,” he said. “I think we all know what its like to sacrifice family time for committments to the public. I wear a uniform and you folks don’t but I think we all deserve recognition from ourselves and the general public.”

Councillor David Murphy, who knew Major Johnson as he was growing up said he knew he was destined for the military.

“We knew where you were headed early on because it was a passion of yours from day one,” said Murphy. “You do a job a not a lot of people can do, and we thank you for that.”

Major Johnson said that he would not be the person that he is if he had not grown up in Cornwall.

“I’m very proud of Cornwall its a great place to grow up,” he said.

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