Cornwall Nationals launching “It can wait” campaign

Cornwall Nationals launching “It can wait” campaign
The Cornwall Nationals are promoting an anti-texting and driving campaign.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Texting and driving has become a terrifying epidemic and the Cornwall Nationals will not sit by and let it continue to happen. Putting the phone down while you’re behind the wheel is the message presented in their new “It Can Wait” Anti-Texting and Driving campaign being launched in seven local area high schools during the week of Oct. 16.

“When I was in high school, all these presentations were about not drinking and driving and I think they really got through to us back then and now most kids know better than to drink and drive but they don’t seem to realize how dangerous texting while driving really is” explained Cornwall Nationals Sales & Marketing Director Kris McCarthy.

He added “We truly feel that, as influencers in the community, it’s our job to spread awareness like this and let kids know it’s not cool”.

The professional hockey team has partnered with the Cornwall Community Police Service, the Cornwall Fire Department, The Cornwall Paramedics, Allstate Insurance, Herb’s Towing and M. John Sullivan Funeral Home to create a presentation that is engaging and informational but also impactful.

“We want to make sure the kids feel something and that they remember how they felt during the presentation the next time they go to text while driving” said partner and M. John Sullivan Funeral Director Marie-Claude Beauvais.

To ensure that a dialogue opens up on the days of the presentations, Herb’s Towing will be strategically placing a wrecked car out front of most schools to help kids see the damage that can really be done when they take the risk of texting and driving.

“We felt that kids needed to see something powerful like an actual car that’s been in an accident so they could realize the full scope of our presentation” said McCarthy “we really want them to remember the phrase “It can wait”’.

Students at all schools will be asked to sign the official “It Can Wait” banner as a pledge not to text and drive and afterwards it will be proudly displayed in the arena at the Cornwall Civic Complex so that they can see their name and their pledge every time they come to a game.

The Cornwall Nationals are proud to be committed community partners and being involved in local schools is one of their main undertakings. The team will kick off their Recycling Challenge once again this season, growing from five elementary schools last season to fifteen this year. Also, at the end of the month they will be presenting their Healthy Nats program to grade 7 and 8’s across the city.

As busy as they are off the ice, the team is also preparing to dominate the Federal Hockey League this season, as they have acquired talent from across the world to put together a team that already looks championship worthy. Their Home Opener is taking place at the Cornwall Civic Complex on Saturday, November 4th at 7:30pm and tickets are available now.

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