Cosplay on display

Andrzej Terrence, Special to TC Media
Cosplay on display
Sierra Lalonde-Luscombe and Britteny Bracey dress as characters from Vocaloid at the Army

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cosplayers gather at the Army, Navy, and Airforce Club for the Sakura Cherry Blossom Cosplay on April 14, 2018, to dress as their favourite characters.

The event has grown since their first gathering on Halloween 2 years ago to now be a group of 25 people with well put together costumes from any source they desire.

The event is held in anticipation of the Cornwall Area Pop Event at the Benson Centre next weekend and is a way to celebrate the coming of Spring.

Gathering people with similar interests in a close-knit group allows for a judgment-free environment for those who are anxious about dressing in costumes in public.

The organizer of the event, Britteny Bracey, came dressed as Cutiepie Karuta from the Vocaloids and truly brought the spirit of Cosplay.

“I am just glad we get to help the community, and it’s not a bundle out of our pockets just to go enjoy ourselves. I really think it helps people who have anxiety and it’s a small event to start the things they want to do,” said Britteny.

The $5 entry fee allowed patrons to be entered into a draw for prizes, food, and photos as well as enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

Sierra Lalonde-Luscombe came to the event dressed as Gumi from the Vocaloids.

“It lets me be someone I’m not and it is also something really fun to do because it lets me express my self,” said Sierra.

In June, the group plans to do a similar event with the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

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