Council favours sale of fireworks

Nick Seebruch
Council favours sale of fireworks
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CORNWALL, Ontario – After a request from a local business, Cornwal Council directed administration to prepare for the legalization of fireworks sales in the City.

The Fence Depot originally made the request to the City that they be allowed to sell fireworks. Although based in Cornwall, they state that 70 percent of their customer base live outside the City where the by-law does not apply.

“Once we received the request from the local vendor, we looked into our by-law in comparison with other municipalities and found it a little restrictive,” said City of Cornwall Fire Chief Pierre Voisine. “Area municipalities, South Stormont and South Glengarry, govern the use of fireworks through their noise by-law. Essentially, there might be room for discussion here as it pertains to this by-law.”

Voisine noted that while the sale of fireworks was prohibited in Cornwall, their discharge was not.

“Its my philosophy that using fireworks in an urban setting is never a good idea,” Voisine said. “There is a permit process in place however that residents can apply for.”

“Do you think allowing for the sale would lead to more requests,” asked Councillor Bernadette Clement.

“Perhaps,” Voisine said. “I don’t have emperical data to show council that says its a good idea.”

Administration brought forth four options to Council in this report.

Option 1 would create a system that would permit the sale of fireworks. Option 2 would “allow for open sale and discharge of fireworks prior to statutory holidays only.” Option 3 would keep things as is and Option 4 let Council suggest their own ideas.

Councillor David Murphy spoke in favour of Option 1.

“As you mentioned we sell a lot worse things in this City other than fireworks,” he said to Chief Voisine. “Fireworks to me, I don’t see an issue. Its an older by-law.”

Council passed Option 1 unanimously and Chief Voisine said he would try to return a by-law to council for final approval before July 1.

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