Councillor’s behaviour to be reviewed by Ombudsman

Nick Seebruch
Councillor’s behaviour to be reviewed by Ombudsman

CORNWALL, Ontario – Council voted on Monday, April 23, 2018 to ask the provincial Ombudsman to review the behaviour of Councillor Mark MacDonald.

Councillor Claude MacIntosh moved the motion after he said he was disturbed by emails sent by Councillor MacDonald in which he referred to McIntosh and four other councillors as hypocrites and liars.

McIntosh also questioned whether it was appropriate that Councillor MacDonald sent these emails from his city account.

Councillor MacDonald also sent out sever tweets over Twitter slamming councillors without naming names.

“Politricks not politics with some members of this Council. Two-faced and deceitful with respect to the pledge,” one tweet reads.

Council voted in favour of referring the incidents to the Ombudsman with Councillors Mark MacDonald, Andre Rivette and Denis Carr voting against.

“The motion is not about disagreeing with each other,” said Councillor Elaine MacDonald. “It is about being able to voice about our opinions without being maligned.”

In his response, Councillor MacDonald was unmoved.

“Councillor MacIntosh. You can fight for whatever you want. I’m entitled to my opinion,” he said. “I stick by exactly what I said. File a complaint with whoever you want it doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m still going to fight for what I believe in.”

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