Counties protected from wind farm road damage

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By Shawna O'Neill
Counties protected from wind farm road damage
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UNITED COUNTIES, Ontario – During the United Counties Council meeting on Thursday, Aug. 22, amendments were made to section 3.1 of a Road Users Agreement between SDG and Nation Rise Wind Farm, further protecting municipal roads which will be utilized in the wind farm project.

Staff recommended changes that are expected to impact County Rd. 12 and County Rd. 9 in Berwick where there is a a greater volume of residential buildings.

“In speaking with the project proponent, they have confirmed that the need to use these roads to efficiently haul material from local quarries…the Berwick area is not expected to see any over-dimensional large deliveries of turbine components,” read the action request.

The project is set to begin some time next month however no permit has been issued by the United Counties yet.

“Generally speaking, it looks like a lot of the large things, so the turbine blades, the tower bases, the heavy stuff is going to be coming in on County Rd. 43, off County Rd. 31, County Rd. 13…” said Transportation and Planning Services Director Ben de Haan.

South Stormont Deputy Mayor David Smith voiced his opinion that residents and business owners should be given advance notice of any roadway disruptions.

“County Rd. 43 (roadwork) is soon to be completed so…how detrimental will this be to a fresh roadway?” questioned North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser.

De Haan said he would research the plausibility of detrimental effects on a newly paved road.

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