County roads budget balloons thanks to refined policing costs

County roads budget balloons thanks to refined policing costs

CORNWALL, Ontario – If you live in the United Counties of Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry chances are you will directly benefit from the 2015 budget.

Counties council put the final touches to its budget document after two days of deliberations (February 17-18).

The County will spend about $12.4 million on road and bridge capital projects in 2015, an increase of almost $2.6M from 2014.

That’s thanks to a huge savings when it comes to paying for the Ontario Provincial Police.

“We finished 2014 in a strong financial position and had some positive influences like the changes to the OPP billing model,” said Warden Eric Duncan.

A new billing formula for Ontario municipalities that covers the provincial police includes a “service call” component – which essentially means if calls for police assistance drop, so will the bill.

Policing costs have dropped in SDG by about $1.3 million, with no decrease in service.

“This has produced a budget that allows us to take two steps forward, without having to take one back. We finally have a chance to catch up on some key County road projects.”

Duncan noted the road improvements will have an impact.

“Everyone has a county road that needs to be improved,” he said.

Counties council finalized its 2015 budget, which will raise $40,959,216 tax dollars, representing an increase of 2 per cent, or $23 on a typical residential property (averaged at $184,500) in SDG.

Duncan characterized the budget as a responsible document, and suggested counties council is planning for incremental tax hikes where necessary, instead of larger increases at the cost of saving money in the short-term.

In addition to the significant decrease in OPP policing costs, several primary factors have positively influenced the budget: finishing 2014 in a surplus position, 2014 roads maintenance budget not overspent due to good weather in December, significant new assessment and reassessment growth, and large donations to several external organizations completed (e.g. hospitals).

Council will meet again on March 9 to determine how $750,000 will be used to improve roads in SDG.

2015 major County roads project listing by municipality

North Dundas

SDG 1 in Hallville from SDG 43 to St. John St. ($339,000)

SDG 1 frost heave repairs from Nelson Rd. to Cameron Road ($745,000)

SDG 3 in Winchester from west of Bailey St. to SDG 3 ($391,000)

SDG 7 in Morewood from Thomas St to north limits ($320,000)

SDG 7 in Chesterville from South St. to the bridge ($80,000)

SDG 13 through Morewood ($119,000)

SDG 13 from Morewood to SDG 32 ($717,000)

SDG 31 from SDG 43 (north) to SDG 43 (south) ($958,000)

SDG 38 from Fred St. to SDG 3 ($221,000)

South Mountain Bridge ($1,200,000)

South Dundas

SDG 1 from west of Irena Road to the end of the curbed section ($69,000)

SDG 16 in Dixon’s Corners ($47,000)

SDG 18 in Williamsburg from SDG 31 to east limits of Village ($125,000)

SDG 31 through Williamsburg ($227,000)

Iroquois CN Bridge ($700,000)

North Stormont

SDG 15 from SDG 43 to Rail crossing  ($343,000)

SDG 7 from SDG 9 to SDG 3 ($930,000)

SDG 13 from Crysler west limits to SDG 12 ($172,000)

SDG 13 from SDG 12 to the Cemetary ($233,000)

SDG 43 in Finch from west limits to Nelson St. ($318,000)

South Stormont

SDG 14 (Newington) detailed urban design ($50,000)

SDG 12 in Lunenburg from SDG 18 south to hamlet limits ($204,000)

North Glengarry

SDG 10 in Glen Robertson to the Quebec Border ($474,000)

SDG 20 from SDG 22 to Grant St. ($206,000)

SDG 24 through Dalkeith ($157,000)

SDG 30 from SDG 24 south in Dunvegan ($20,000)

SDG 34 from SDG 43 to Power Dam Rd. ($489,000)

SDG 46 from SDG 43 to McDougald St. ($285,000)

South Glengarry

SDG 17 from SDG 34 to Victoria St. ($24,000)

SDG 17 reconstruction from SDG 19 to the Peanut Line ($828,000)

SDG 20 in Martintown from SDG 18 to Beaverbrook Road ($134,000)


Biennial Bridge Inspections for all 200 bridges in the County ($75,000)

Uncommitted road work (projects to be determined) ($750,000)

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