Cyclist jumps from his bike to avoid collision on Second East

Cyclist jumps from his bike to avoid collision on Second East
Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS) blotter update.

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – A cyclist had to jump off his bicycle on Second Street East to avoid a vehicle operated by an impaired woman.

Cornwall police Sgt. Daniel Doyon told Seaway News the accident, which happened at Second Street East by Nick Kaneb Drive at about 11:30 a.m., resulted in minor injuries to another pedestrian involved in the accident.

No names were given since the investigation is still ongoing.

Cornwall fire department Capt. Andrew Van Veen said five firefighters were sent to the scene and two people were transported to the hospital.

Doyon noted that the second person taken to the hospital may have been a result of the second accident.

“To clarify, there were two separate collisions right around the same time,” said Doyon.

“There was a pedestrian walking who was actually struck by a car. A guy jumped off his bike when the accident happened, but he wasn’t directly involved. As a result of traffic slowing down, there was a second collision between two motor vehicles.”

Cornwall police had westbound lanes blocked off while taking photographs and measurements for their investigation.

Contrary to other reports, it does not appear that the cyclist was hit by a vehicle. Second Street East has been the subject of controversy recently with the addition of bicycle lanes and traffic lane reductions.

The section of Second Street East between Nick Kaneb Drive and St. Felix Street has no bike lanes.

Doyon said more information will be made public in the upcoming days.

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