Dog shooter has date with his bosses at township

Dog shooter has date with his bosses at township
This stray dog

CORNWALL, Ontario – South Stormont officials are meeting with their animal control officer next week to discuss an incident involving the killing of a dog on County Road 42 north of the city.

Andrew Downing, South Stormont’s bylaw officer, said in an interview administrators are meeting with animal control officer Herb Waldroff to find out why he killed a stray dog Monday morning that residents were trying to aid.

The dog spent days wandering the area near Headline and South Branch roads, and many residents had been trying to corral, feed or otherwise help the animal.

“We’re going to discuss the matter with Herb,” Downing said in an interview Wednesday afternoon.

Waldroff, who initially denied killing the animal when contacted by Seaway News, was later confirmed by Downing to have taken it upon himself to put the animal down with a shotgun.

Downing said Waldroff told him the dog appeared to have been hit by a car. Waldroff later cremated the dog’s remains.

Sava Bogorode, a resident in the area, found empty shotgun shells and blood splatter in the area.

The killing of the dog set off a firestorm of criticism following the Seaway News report. Dozens of people voiced opposition to the action via social media posts, though some supported the move.

Downing said complaints have been received at the township office, and OSPCA enforcement officer Brad Dewer suggested his agency has likewise been contacted about the incident.

Downing added more information could be released next week concerning the township’s response to the shooting.

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